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We have a wide range of legal experience in patent, trademark, copyright, opinion, litigation and intellectual property transactional matters.

Our technical experience includes extensive experience in electrical, computer, and mechanical technologies including, among others:

  • Data communications, cellular communications, and telecommunications;
  • Enterprise systems;
  • Software;
  • Data encryption and security;
  • Radio frequency, analog, digital, and chip-level electronics;
  • Short message service (SMS);
  • Cellular/radio frequency communications;
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID);
  • Audio electronics;
  • Global positioning system (GPS) technologies;
  • Large-scale redundant data storage systems (e.g., RAID) and security;
  • Commerce-based user interface systems and security;
  • Embedded and computer applications;
  • Power supplies;
  • Fiber optics;
  • Medical devices; and
  • Pumps, motors, and electro-mechanical security systems.